Cabbage Juice – The Cure for the Health, Hair and Skin

Cabbage and the cabbage juice are a great and healthy addition for your daily diet, offering you overall well being and a natural and glowing look. This vegetable contains numerous vitamins such as C, B1, E, K, B6 and wide array of minerals, including sulphur, iron, magnesium, iodine and calcium. At the same time, cabbage is high in beta-carotene and insoluble fiber. By drinking cabbage juice on a regular basis, you can bring benefits to your hair, skin and overall health. Let’s see what the properties of this natural juice are.

Cabbage Juice – The Cure for the Health, Hair and Skin

Prevents Cancer

Raw green cabbage comes with anti-carcinogenic properties. The juice extracted from this vegetable is rich in various chemical compounds known as isocyanates. These substances speed up the estrogen metabolism process and prevent colon, breast, stomach, prostate and lung cancers. Moreover, those who already suffer from cancer should drink cabbage juice in order to accelerate the healing process.

Treats Ulcers

You can consume cabbage juice in order to treat acute ulcers. This beverage protects the upper bowel and the intestines and detoxifies them. Also, the cabbagen or the vitamin U in this juice can make the inner layer of the stomach stronger and help it fight against ulcers.

Powerful Detoxifier

Cabbage juice is also effective in cleansing the bowels and treating colitis. Cabbage is rich in sulphur and chlorine, two potent minerals that can reduce the inflammation of the colon and the large intestine. Consume the cabbage juice daily, so as to notice the positive results. If you experience foul, unpleasant gas after consuming the beverage, don’t worry because it means that the remedy is working.

Weight Loss

If you want to get rid of some extra pounds, then the cabbage juice might be your best friend. Use raw cabbage juice to curb obesity. The beverage is going to cleanse your intestines and help you eliminate all the toxins and waste materials. At the same time, it facilitates the digestion. Also, cabbage juice is almost free of calories, adding no extra pounds to your silhouette.

Treats Anemia

Cabbage juice is also effective in treating anemia, thanks to its folic acid content. This nutrient is extremely important, as it stimulates the apparition of new blood cells.

Benefits for the Skin

Cabbage juice has the power to restore a damaged skin. The antioxidants in this natural beverage will fight against the free radicals and will combat problems such as blackheads, pimples or acne. The vitamin C will also keep your skin glowing. The antioxidants will also moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging. If you want to make the wrinkles disappear, you can add cabbage juice to your face mask. Overall, this healthy beverage will make your skin supple, soft and fair.

Prevents Hair Loss

Your hair can also benefit from the miraculous properties offered by the cabbage juice. The sulphur in the cabbage will prevent hair loss by making the hair stronger. Thus, it stops hair fall. For this, you have to drink cabbage juice every morning. You can also use it externally, by including it in your favorite hair mask.

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