Whole Wheat – Your Health’s Guardian

Whole wheat is a healthy grain that must be consumed on a regular basis for top of the line results. One word of caution is to stay away from the processed wheat because it is less nutritious, as 40% of the original grain is eliminated. The whole wheat contains both the bran and the wheat germ. It is rich in magnesium, manganese and dietary fiber and it’s extremely beneficial for the hair and skin, but it also has various other health benefits as you will see below.

Whole Wheat – Your Health’s Guardian

A Better Bowel Movement

Whole wheat contains sufficient amounts of dietary fiber. As a result, your bowels will be able to function properly. Moreover, the bran is beneficial in treating and even preventing the Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Promotes Eye Health

The whole wheat is also rich in zinc, niacin and vitamin E. Therefore, it is very useful for the health of the eyes, preventing the cataract and macular degeneration. Moreover, these useful nutrients in the whole wheat can reduce the risk of vision loss caused by aging.

Beneficial for Mental Health

Various studies have proven that the B-complex and the vitamin E discovered in the whole wheat are extremely beneficial for the health of the brain. When consumed regularly, the whole wheat can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and reduce the risk of mental decline.

Energy Booster

If you consume whole wheat on a regular basis, you will definitely be full of energy. This fact is due to the presence of vitamin B. This nutrient will help your body function normally and will help you get rid of the weakness and fatigue. So, it seems like the whole wheat is the natural way to stay active.

No Heart Diseases

If your daily diet contains whole grains, including whole wheat, then you will be able to stay away from coronary heart diseases. A woman should consume 6 ounces of this grain per day and a man must consume 8 ounces of whole wheat daily. This way, the risks of developing heart diseases will be minimal.

System Cleanser

If you suffer from constipation, then you should take into consideration consuming foods that contain whole wheat. The fiber in the whole wheat products will treat constipation, promote the bowel movement and also detoxify your entire system. As a result, your intestines and colon will be healthy.

Beautiful Skin

The whole wheat will nourish your skin thanks to the selenium contained by it and its antioxidant properties. Moreover, the same antioxidant qualities are going to protect your skin against the UV radiations and the environmental damages and will prevent the premature aging of the skin. Finally, the selenium will promote the skin elasticity and will make it look glowing, healthy and beautiful. The fiber content of the whole wheat is also beneficial for the skin, as it cleanses your system and eliminates the harmful toxins, leaving your skin clear and free of acne, pimples and scars.

Hair Benefits

By consuming whole wheat regularly, you will also have a healthier hair. You will be protected against the harmful environmental factors and you will also have a more glowing hair.

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