What to eat to improve your digestion? What to avoid?

Digestion is one of the most important processes that are taking place in the body, since this is the way through which the body is able to assimilate all the nutrients that are crucial for its maintenance, repair and normal functioning.

foods for better digestion

The digestive tract is designed to be able to process any type of food you eat. However, there are some foods that bear a great amount of unhealthiness and that should be avoided at any costs.

The great news is that you can keep at bay any indigestion or acid reflux related problems, simply by paying a greater attention to the foods you are eating. Here is a list with what you should think about including into your diet more often:

  • Whole grains – They are very rich in fibers, meaning that the bowel movement along with the prevention of clogged arteries are being taken care of. So, eat brown rice and whole wheat bread, oats or cereals as often as you get the chance.
  • Ginger – With anti-inflammatory properties, it helps preventing indigestion. Taken as ale will be extremely efficient in nausea, vomiting, morning sickness or bloating.
  • Bananas – The fibers will restore the natural functioning of the bowels. So, if you had diarrhea, this will help you to get back on track.
  • Fish and lean meats – Lean meats will be much easier processed by the digestive tract, as they have almost no fat.
  • Yogurt – The friendly bacteria present in the yogurt makes it an efficient tool in restoring the balance of the microorganisms in the gut. It is also a tasty afternoon delight.
  • Kimchi – It resembles a lot with the yogurt due to the fact that it contains a great deal of good bacteria.

Here is what you should avoid eating in order to have a healthy lifestyle:

  • Corn – Yes, it is packed with a great amount of fibers, but the cellulose will affect the digestive tract in the processing part.
  • Tea, alcohol or soft drinks – These drinks may cause the esophageal sphincter to relax along with the fact that they will start the production of some excessive stomach acid.
  • Chili peppers – They do make a dish taste good, but they also cause the esophagus to get irritated. Also, the people with GERD should avoid eating them.
  • Berries – They are packed with many antioxidants and they are extremely healthy, but there is one thing that is often forgotten: the seeds they have may cause inflammation or the infection of diverticulitis.
  • Chocolate – It contains caffeine and milk, a combination which will have a negative impact on the digestion. Also, those with IBS should stay away from it.
  • Fried foods – Foods that are prepared in a lot of oil are extremely bad for people who suffer from IBS or GERD. Not to mention the fact that these foods are extremely bad for the health of the heart, in general.

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  1. Eat raw foods. Pass on the processed junk.

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