Top Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a miraculous herb that it’s often utilized as a spice, mostly in Eastern Asia. Besides this, it is also known for its magnificent therapeutic qualities. It has been discovered in the ancient times and ever since it has been used by people all around the world for its amazing healing properties. The part of the plant that is used in both cuisine and medicine is its underground rhizome. You may say it has a funny looking shape, but the benefits it carries with it are far more significant than its aspect. Depending on the variety of the ginger, its rhizome can be red, white or yellow and it’s covered in a thin or thick brown skin. Now let’s see how this ancient herb can help you.

Health benefits of ginger

1. Strengthens Immunity

Ginger is well-known for improving the overall process of the immune system. If you start consuming a bit of ginger every day, the fat deposited around your arteries will be inhibited and you can avoid a stroke. Furthermore, ginger is helpful for your stomach by decreasing its bacterial infections. At the same time, it’s efficient in fighting against throat irritation or cough.

2. Beneficial for Respiratory Problems

If you have a cough or other common respiratory disease, ginger can be of great help for you. Since it acts like a natural expectorant, it will remove and break down mucus and help you loosen up phlegm and expand your lungs. By consuming ginger tea, you can immediately recover from your breathing problems.

3. Cold Prevention

Ginger is not useful only against cough, but also against flu and cold. Asians have been using this plant as a treatment for colds for thousands of years. In order to treat any flu and cold symptoms, you need to drink ginger tea up to 3 thrice a day. Prepare it with hot water and 2 tablespoons of freshly chopped or shredded ginger.

4. Fights against Cancer

Numerous studies have shown that this herb has the miraculous ability of defeating and inducing death in various cancer cells. Thus, it can be extremely beneficial for those suffering of pancreatic, lung, prostate, ovarian, skin carcinoma, breast or colon cancer.

5. Useful for Stomach Discomfort

This plant assists digestion by improving the food absorption. As a result, it can help you avoid stomach aches. Studies have demonstrated that ginger acts similar to drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin, by reducing the inflammation. At the same time, ginger is helpful for fighting against morning sickness in pregnant women and against motion sickness.

These are only some of the numerous health benefits of ginger. This extraordinary herb is also great for diabetes prevention, bacterial diarrhea, knee osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, radiation, menstrual pain, toxicity, inflammation, diabetes prevention and complications, ulcers, fungal infections and blood circulation. It even acts as an antibiotic by having antibacterial effects.

This spicy, pungent and aromatic herb is most commonly used in teas or ginger capsules. To benefit from its stupendous healing properties, you must consume 3 tea cups per day or, if you’re opting for the capsules, you have to take 2,000 mg thrice a day.

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