Top 7 Foods You Should Avoid If You Don’t Want to Look Tired

You have heard for sure about foods that make you look fresh even if you had a tough night or that improve your metabolism and make your skin glow. These are usually rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. But there is also a category of foods that can make you look tired or exhausted, even if you had a good night’s sleep.

foods that make you look tired

  • Alcohol

Mainly because it leads to dehydration, alcohol will make your skin look drained – dark and dry. Drink alcohol in moderation and don’t omit to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink. This way, you will avoid dehydration.

  • Salt

Even though your body needs sodium, too much salt may also lead to dehydration. If you consume foods that have a lot of salt, you will end up looking exhausted. Unfortunately, most people use salt as the only spice for improving the taste of their meals, not to mention that food ingredients are usually already filled with salt. You can choose other spices in order to reduce the amount of salt and make your dish taste delicious.

  • Fried Food

Frying includes plenty of unhealthy fats that are dangerous for your overall health. As these fats will clog your arteries and blood vessels, you will look and feel tired. The blood will no longer circulate normally through your blood stream, which means that neither your vital organs, nor your skin will receive proper amounts of oxygen and other nutrients.

  • Carbohydrates

Too many carbohydrates included in your diet will also make you look tired. These can harm the skin cells directly, which leads to a pale and dull skin. Not to mention that an excess of carbohydrates can also interfere with the functioning of the enzyme that provides energy for your body, which means that you will actually feel exhausted, not just look tired.

  • Candies

Sugar has negative effects on the long term, even if right after eating something sweet you feel that your energy level has been boosted. After the sugar rush, you will experience tiredness, and your skin will show that, too. If you have puffy eyes even if you rested well during the night, the cause might be too much sugar. Try to limit its consumption and grab a fruit when you feel a sugar craving.

  • Artificial Sweeteners

Even though they are sweet, they should not be consumed by people who are not allowed to have natural sweeteners. This type of sweeteners can also cause bloating and joint paints. If you want to avoid sugar, try natural alternatives, such as honey.

  • Red Meat

Moderation is the keyword when it comes to red meat. Even though a moderate consumption of red meat can be beneficial for your health, an excess can cause serious problems. A substance called carnitine, together with the fats that red meat contains, can cause your blood vessels’ walls to harden. By reducing the elasticity of the blood vessels, meat prevents your organs and tissues, as well as your skin, to benefit from proper nourishment. It is also known that red meat can lead to wrinkles.

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