The Foods You Should Not Be Eating If They Are Expired

You probably know how important it is to check the labels of the products when you go grocery shopping. Not only that this helps you see the ingredients and which of them are artificial or not, but the label will also tell you the expiration date, which is equally important.

expiration date food

We made out a list of some of the foods you should definitely not be consuming if their expiration date has passed. There might be some products on the market you can still consume even if they have expired, but not these, for sure!

  • Green leafy vegetables – An important element that can indicate if the product is expired is the slimy coating they could be developing. Bacteria will develop immediately when it comes in contact with contaminated water or utensils.
  • Oysters – Here, you can use your nose, as the smell they get after they have expired is unbearable! Don’t consume oysters if you don’t like how they smell. Otherwise, you might suffer a type of blood poisoning caused by the V. vulnific bacteria.
  • Eggs – They are the most common causes that can lead to poisoning. Eating them past their expiration date makes them dangerous for you. Even if they are fresh, make sure to cook them well! You never know what you might get!
  • Cheese – There are some varieties of cheese such as brie, feta or cottage cheese, which make the perfect environment for the development of bacteria. This fact is even more concerning if their expiration date has passed!
  • Sprouts – Lentils or bean sprouts, they both get spoiled at a very fast pace, since they can be contaminated quite fast. The bacteria they get will multiply itself in the blink of an eye if they are not placed in the fridge and they are left in a warm and moisture place in the kitchen.
  • Berries – The fruits that have passed their date of expiration will have irregular surfaces which will be the host of a bacteria named Cyclospora. It has the power to trigger a very serious infection that can be cured only with a treatment based on antibiotics.
  • Deli meats – They should be consumed immediately after opening the package they have been stored in. If you are not able to eat all, think about a proper place to store them. They can be contaminated with E. coli and you can become a real victim.
  • Beef – Even if the meat has not passed its expiration date, cook it very, very well. Otherwise, there is a great possibility of you getting an E. coli infection.
  • Chicken – Just like in the case of deli meats or beef, chicken can also be infected with E. coli, so regardless of its expiration date, make sure that it is cooked thoroughly!
  • Shrimp – One thing about shrimps: they contain bacteria, whether their date of expiration has passed or not! So, make sure that you are cooking them extremely well to prevent any unpleasant events from happening.

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