Stop Consuming Soda and See What Happens

Soda, no matter how harmless it seems, can become addictive, just like cigarettes. How many times have you chosen to drink soda although other natural drink or water were an option too?

what soda does to your body

If you already drink a bottle of soda or half a big bottle every day, you need to stop. You might like its taste or the fact that it makes you feel good, but in time, soda wreaks havoc on your health. Even if doctors and nutritionists try everything they can to convince people to stop consuming soda, their efforts are useless.

If presenting the negative effects does not work, how about finding out what are the positive effects of saying NO to soda?

  • Heart

Studies have shown that sugary drinks increase the risk of developing chronic heart diseases. The more soda you drink, the higher the risks of having a heart attack. Sugary drinks also affect the blood pressure. If you cannot give up on drinking soda at once, try reducing to one soda per day.

  • Brain

Soda contains caffeine, which helps us focus, and the sugar gives us a temporary boost of energy. But on the long run, all that sugar and caffeine can have negative effects on the brain function and cognitive process. Long-term usage of soda leads to behavioral changes, memory problems, and impaired learning.

  • Bladder

Sodas are diuretic; that is why you need to use the toilet more often than usual. But excessive soda consumption can lead to exacerbating bladder infection and urinary tract infections, due to the irritation of the bladder caused by frequent urination. Try to replace sodas with water or natural juices and you will improve bladder function and reduce the chances of infection.

  • Teeth

Besides the high amounts of sugar they contain, sodas are also highly acidic, causing the teeth enamel to erode. This is the beginning of several dental problems, and it might even lead to the complete loss of your teeth.

A study done on a woman who drank two liters of soda per day for five years showed that her severe tooth erosion could be compared to that of a crack or meth user. The citric acid in these beverages softens the enamel, making the teeth more vulnerable to breaking.

  • Bones

Stop drinking soda and you will improve your bones’ health and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. The long-term consumption of soda causes the bones to become fragile and break more easily than normal.

Because there are no laws or rules to stop us from drinking soda, we tend to believe that it can’t be as harmful as doctors say. Unfortunately, we keep drinking it, sometimes in unbelievable high quantities. Try, at least for a week, to reduce or completely cut off on drinking soda and see how your body will respond to this. Try to notice the differences in your overall health and make a list with pros and cons. Maybe this will help you and give you the motivation you need to stop drinking soda.

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