Stay Healthy by Taking Iron From Your Foods

Sometimes, the absence of a particular substance in your blood may be hard to discover. At the same time, it’s not that easy to bring it up again. This can occur even if you try to take care of what you eat and lead a healthy lifestyle. If your digestive system is a little slow or not working at full capacity, a significant part of nutrients can be lost on the way. In a case of Iron deficiency, symptoms may include weakness, pale skin, tiredness, migraines, bad circulation in your hands and feet, chest pains or shortness of breath and result in anemia which presents itself as a nutritional deficiency.


In a case of iron deficiency, symptoms may include weakness, pale skin, fatigue, migraines, bad circulation in your hands and feet, chest pains or shortness of breath. It also results in anemia, which presents itself as a nutritional deficiency.

As well as in many aspects of our lives, balance is the key, and if a deficit of iron can make you anemic, a higher dose of the substance can lead to poisoning. If possible, taking iron from natural sources and not from a bottle of pills is recommended. All kinds of foods are highly rich in iron, so you shouldn’t have too many problems in restoring the balance.

  • Seafood is packed with iron

Oysters, mussels, octopus, cuttlefish, and clams are all excellent sources from where you can pick this essential mineral.

  • Meat is a sure bet when it comes to finding iron

Whether you prefer red meat like beef, veal, or you’re more of a white meat kind of person and choose something lighter as chicken or turkey, this essential nutrient can be easily found in any form of animal product. Eggs can also be cooked in any form and provide a significant plus.

Pick any dish you desire, but keep in mind the level of fats and cholesterol it contains; otherwise, it can lead to high blood pressure and a number of heart diseases.

  • Fruits and vegetables are ideal for an iron boost

Fresh fruits as strawberries, prunes or watermelons are great for your diet, but dried apricots, dried peaches or raisins will also do the trick.

Vegetables, besides containing a lot of proteins are able to introduce plenty of iron to your body. Beans are a requirement if you want to keep your body healthy. Take an interest in kidney beans, pinto beans, chickpeas and black beans.

Also, if you’re a fan of salads, you should eat more green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, peas, green turnips or Swiss chards.

  • Grains contain a lot more than fiber

Perfect not just for breakfast, whole grains and refined grains will offer you a lot of valuable nutrients like Vitamin B, iron, proteins, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

  • Dark chocolate can be a delicious way to gather up some iron

Other than being a treat, chocolate will also help you store more nutrients and offer plenty of antioxidants. Maple syrup and corn syrup are also a great addition in case of anemia.

The iron taken from animal products (heme iron) will be better absorbed by the organism; more exactly, up to 30%  of the quantity of iron ingested will be taken it by the body. Non-heme Iron can be found in fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but unfortunately, the body will preserve only 2-10% of the mineral processed from non-animal products.

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