Salt and Sugar Mix and Its Numerous Benefits

Of course you’ve heard how excessive consumption of salt and sugar can lead to a range of detrimental effects for your health. And that is truly valid. Excessive salt consumption can increase the risks of high blood pressure, bloating and other health conditions such as osteoporosis. And when it comes to sugar, it is associated with diabetes, cancer, obesity and overeating issues.


Limiting your salt and sugar intake is a good and healthy choice for your body. Sugar-free products can be found in abundance on the market; however, they may not be a positive alternative as they are filled with artificial substances which may end up presenting significantly worse side effects than the natural ingredients.

However, it’s established that exaggerated intake of salt and sugar might unleash a wide range of negative side effects on your body. So, you might think that a salt and sugar mixture is as worse as it can get. Nonetheless, this assumption is false. Such a mixture embodies an array of beneficial properties. Most importantly, keep in mind that it is advisable to consume it in tiny amounts, as you are probably aware that excess is utterly unhealthy.

Benefits of Salt and Sugar Mix

  • It is assumed that a limited amount of salt and sugar combined can significantly strengthen your immune system, making it less vulnerable to possible harmful infections and viruses.
  • Another beneficial aspect this unusual mixture embodies is that it helps you combat stress and tension more effectively. Who doesn’t deal with stress and an overcrowded schedule? You know how stress can often lead to a disturbingly excruciating migraine; try treating it by taking this mixture.
  • Proponents claim that this favoring combination aims at regulating the amount of serotonin in your brain – which is a neurotransmitter as well as a happy hormone such as dopamine and endorphins. So, your mood will be lighter and more cheerful!
  • Another positive aspect to this unusual mixture is efficaciously combating fatigue and the general state of weariness each of us experiences from time to time. This can be achieved due the salt and sugar’s ability to maintain a proper electrolyte balance in your body. Examples of electrolytes are potassium, calcium and sodium, which are utterly important in the process of muscle contraction. If your muscles feel weak and tired, give this magic mixture a go and test its effectiveness. You might be surprised.
  • Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Don’t worry. This salt and sugar mixture is believed to be useful in treating that also. Just take a small amount before going to bed, and you’ll finally get to sleep. Often, insomnia is an imminent cause of a stressful, hectic lifestyle, and may lead to increasing stress and further affecting your body negatively. This might be the right solution for you. Enjoy the unparalleled peace and calm of a good night’s sleep!

So, if you do wish to take advantage of the beneficial properties this magic mixture embodies, mix 1 teaspoon of unrefined salt with 5 teaspoons of organic brown sugar and there you have it – your homemade remedy! Place it in a glass jar and keep it tightly closed.

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