Replace Sugar with the Healthier Maple Syrup

When thinking about maple syrup, you immediately recall Canada and pancakes. Still, there is much more to say about this super food. To begin with, we can tell you that it bears a wide array of health benefits and it is a great replacement for the unhealthy sugar syrups and fructose. In fact, the maple syrup is extremely beneficial in helping you control the blood glucose levels. Moreover, this product has anti-inflammatory qualities and it is packed with manganese, zinc and antioxidants. It also contain riboflavin, an antioxidant that can strengthen the immune system and fight against cancer. Make sure to always use pure maple syrups so as to benefit from its great properties.

Replace Sugar with the Healthier Maple Syrup

Skin Care

Maple syrup is extremely beneficial for the skin health and care. You can prepare a facial scrub containing maple syrup and warm milk. Make sure you add equal amounts. After that, add some finely ground oats and apply the mixture on the face rubbing it gently. This remedy is going to remove the crow’s feet and the fine lines. Apply a moisturizing cream after using this scrub.

Fights Inflammation

Various studies have demonstrated that the pure maple syrup is efficient in preventing the inflammatory diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Thus, you should start using this syrup on your oatmeal and snacks.

Combats Premature Aging

The pure maple syrup has numerous antioxidant properties. As a result, it is able to repair any damage triggered by the environment, the pollution or the free radicals. By consuming maple syrup on a regular basis, you can combat the premature aging of the body and the organs.

Antioxidant Properties

Maple syrup is extremely sweet, but at the same time, it is also really healthy. Since it has vegetal origin, the maple tree, it contains polyphenols, compounds that act as antioxidants. You can offer your health and immune system a powerful boost by mixing oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup. Consume this recipe every morning and you will be able to defend yourself against a wide array of diseases.

Immune System Booster

One particular study has found that the maple syrup is rich in essential nutrients, including zinc and manganese. These nutrients are extremely significant for the proper functioning of the immune system. As a result, by consuming maple syrup regularly, you can keep most of the common illnesses at bay, including fever and cold.

Replaces the Sugar

We all know that sugar is not quite the healthiest product, so we must always search for ways to replace it. So, you can always use maple syrup instead of sugar because it’s equally sweet, but much more beneficial. Add it in your tea, coffee or cake recipes to benefit from its numerous medicinal properties.

Aids Digestion

If you suffer from indigestion or other stomach problems such as gas and bloating, then you should be consuming maple syrup regularly. The greatest aspect about this product is that it’s naturally produced, so it has no added preservatives to damage the digestive system or the liver.

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