Healthy Eating

The Pros and Cons of Consuming Crabs

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Being one of the most delicious crustaceans that the ocean has to offer, these ten-legged creatures are a real delicacy that we indulge in whenever we get the chance. According to some sources, 20% of all marine food consumed is […]

Here Is What You Should Know About a Bland Diet

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People with digestive or any other kind of gastrointestinal problems can find great benefits by turning to a bland diet. Being aware of what it includes is massively important, as it can be what makes the difference between a healthy […]

Foods That Cause Migraines

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Migraines represent a type of headaches that occur at irregular intervals. Usually, they come once or twice a month, but some people are hit with migraines every single week or for a few days in a row. Migraines function in […]

Foods You Should Eat to Decrease Dementia Risk

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Modern medicine has seen a lot of advances in the last few years, but dementia is still one of those conditions that scientists are trying to figure out. Worldwide, roughly 46 million people suffer from dementia. At this rate, that […]

4 Products to Avoid In Case of Stomach Ulcer

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Peptic ulcer, more popularly known as stomach ulcer, is a rupture in the stomach’s lining. More specifically, it occurs when open sores (or holes) appear on the inner lining of the stomach. There are two kinds of stomach ulcers: duodenal […]

6 Eating Tips To Keep Calories Under Control

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Although it might appear simple at first glance, many people struggle to keep the calorie intake on the low side. Understandably, out of sheer frustration, they waste money on calorie cutting products that never work. Instead of doing that, here […]

These Foods Can Naturally Prevent Acute Inflammation

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All serious health issues nowadays are caused by one simple, innocent-looking condition: inflammation. An unhealthy diet may be the cause of a chronic inflammation which can lead to the improper function of the body and the failure of organs such […]

Carambola Fruit Brings Impressive Health Benefits

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When a fruit manages to stand out among others with its benefits, you know it has to be something special. Carambola, commonly known as starfruit due to its unique shape, fits the category perfectly. Being popular in Southeast Asia, it […]

Risks Brought by Overeating

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Eating more than what your body needs comes with a wide range of risks, as you ultimately put excessive pressure on it. The negative long term effects are varied and can lead to some serious conditions; rather than telling yourself […]