Magical Low-Calorie Vegetable That Helps With Iron Deficiency

With only 23 calories per 100 grams, lots of iron and other elements such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, green beans seem to be the perfect vegetables.

Thanks to the large amount of iron that they contain, green beans must be included in the diets of those suffering from anemia. Only 20 calories can be found in half a plate of cooked green beans compared to half a plate of cooked beans. Besides that, green beans are also a good source of sodium and fat, fiber and calcium, making this veggie incredible beneficial and truly healthy.

green beans benefits

Green beans should have a place in your diet, especially if you consider yourself a person who consumes only healthy products. People suffering from iron deficiency should integrate this veggie in their current diet and consume it regularly. It also should be eaten by those suffering from high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. The sugar levels in urine and blood will be reduced due to arginine, a compound found in green beans. By boiling them, you destroy the arginine, so the best way to consume this product is in the form of stews. You will enjoy the delicious taste and its properties at the same time. Digestion and cholesterol will also be improved thanks to the fibers in this veggie.

It acts like a diuretic, getting rid of the toxins and unwanted substances in your body, due to the large quantities of potassium. Regular consumption is recommended for people dealing with rheumatism and people with high urea in their urine.

You can use green beans in different ways:

  • Chopped – place it in stews
  • Boiled – you can add green beans to salads that contain tuna, chicken or sardines

To make things even more delicious, you can spice green beans with peanuts, garlic, thyme or consume it with fish, chicken, cheese or any other type of meat.

Uncooked green beans contain a protein (phasin) that is harmful and poisonous, meaning you should never try eating raw and fresh green beans.

If you are dealing with increased urea in your urine, you can make a tea out of green beans. You will need 1 liter of water and 60 grams of green beans. You must boil the beans into the water for about 10 minutes. Then, you must let the mixture sit for 12 hours and then you can start drinking 3 cups per day. You will have to follow the procedure for 20 days without any interruption.

Green beans have a lot of healthy properties with beneficial effects on your body, especially if you are suffering from anemia. Just make sure you stay away from raw green beans, and remember that they are harmful for your body.

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