Limes and Their Powerful Health Benefits

Lime is a sour citrus fruit that has numerous medicinal uses and it is used for various diseases. Lime is used in cooking, candies, snacks, jellies, jams, pickles, cocktails, beverages and sorbets and its oil is also utilized in various cosmetic products. Limes are usually found in the Mediterranean and tropical climates, but nowadays they are imported in most of the countries. Read on to find out how can lime benefit your health.

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Skin Health

The lime oil and juice are useful for the health of your skin. You can apply them both externally or you can take them orally. The lime is rich in flavonoids and vitamin C and has the ability to reduce the body odor, protect against infections, make the skin shining and rejuvenate it. At the same time, the lime has disinfectant and antibiotic properties and when applied directly on the skin, it heals the bruises and rashes, eliminates the dandruff and removes the dead cells. Finally, you can add some lime oil in your bathing water for a refreshing and soothing experience.

Protects Against Heart Disease

Limes contain soluble fiber that has the capability to eliminate the bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and decrease the blood pressure. At the same time, this fiber reduces the inflammation in the blood vessels and helps you fight against strokes, heart attacks and various other heart diseases.


This disease is triggered by a lack of vitamin C. Some of the symptoms associated with this condition are ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue, cracked lip corners and lips and frequent infections. Since lime is full of vitamin C, this is the best remedy for scurvy. Eat this fruit or drink lime juice frequently so as to prevent or cure this disease.

Aids Digestion

Limes have natural acidity, which is beneficial in aiding the digestive system. The flavonoids in the lime can stimulate the secretion of digestive acids, bile and digestive juices and promote the health of the digestive system. The peristaltic motion is also stimulated by the flavonoids. In some countries, such as India, dinner and lunch are always served with lemon pickle so as to aid digestion.

Combats Diabetes

The citrus fruits in general and the limes in particular, are extremely beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. These fruits are rich in soluble fiber and they can control the absorption of sugar in the organism. At the same time, they are able of diminishing the risks of blood sugar spikes that usually occur in diabetics. The low glycemic index of limes is also helpful in regulating the glucose levels.

Fights against Peptic Ulcer

Limes contain Limonin Glucoside and Limonoids, two flavonoids that have detoxifying, antibiotic, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. All these qualities make the lime an excellent remedy for oral and peptic ulcers.

Eye Health

The vitamin C in limes strikes again. It comes with antioxidant effects and can prevent the eyes from developing macular and aging degeneration. At the same time, the flavonoids in the limes will protect the eyes against various infections.

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