Is It Safe to Consume Eggs?

Because we have been invaded by the possible negative effects of eating eggs in the last years, you may tend to suspicious when it comes to speaking of the benefits of eggs on your health. However, scientific research proved that eating eggs can make wonders for your health and can help you prevent numerous issues.

eggs and their benefits

To begin with, the egg is one of the most complex and nutritive foods. You don’t even need a scientific study for this. Just think about the fact that it contains all the substances and nutrients necessary for a chicken’s life. Everything needed for its life is contained in the egg, so you cannot deny its complexity and nutrient value. In fact, eggs are some of the most precious sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. A single egg contains impressive amounts of vitamin D, vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin B2, phosphorus, and vitamin A. It also is a source of calcium, zinc, vitamin K, vitamin E and healthy fats.

Improves brain function

Have you thought about eggs as being boosters for your brain? If not, maybe the following studies make you perceive it this way.

Choline is an essential nutrient for your brain, but unfortunately, more than 80% of people don’t consume the daily recommended dose of it. What is wonderful about eggs is that only one item can provide 35% of the choline RDA. But let’s see how it can help you.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study which revealed that increasing the amount of choline is linked to an improvement of cognitive functions, such as verbal and visual memory.

Another study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that senior citizens who regularly consumed foods rich in choline had better results in some exams testing their cognitive functions.

Maintains your eyes healthy

The yolk contains lutein and zeaxanthin – these are some extraordinary antioxidants. They fight against the damage produced by free radicals and they can protect your eyes. They are extremely powerful, and they reduce the risk of eyesight issues.

The egg yolk helps your eyes to remain healthy also by being a great source of vitamin A. This vitamin is vital for your eyesight – a serious deficient of it may lead to blindness.

Pay attention to the fact that vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin are contained in the egg yolk, so don’t avoid eating it. In fact, the yolk is rich in nutrients, and it is the healthiest part of the egg.

Helps you lose weight

Many people tend to believe that you cannot lose weight when eating eggs because they contain fats. But let’s not ignore the fact that not all fats are unhealthy. Eggs contain healthy fats. These help your body to reduce the fat deposits and to use them as a source of energy. Healthy fats are consumed as fuel for your body, and they are not transformed into fat deposits.

Moreover, eggs are rich in proteins. The proteins help you to control your appetite, and they maintain the sensation of satiety so that the temptation of eating something unhealthy will be kept away.

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