Here’s Why You Should Consume More Raspberries!

Apart from the fact that they look amazing and that they have a wonderful taste and despite of the name they care carrying, raspberries are not a part of the berry family, from a botanical point of view, as they come from flowers that have multiple ovaries.


Everyone loves them and cannot wait for their arrival during the summer season. They look good, taste wonderful and they are also incredibly healthy! Here are few reasons that are going to back up our saying:

Raspberries are known to be packed with a large and generous amount of vitamin C, the nutrient that maintains the health of the eyes, as well as the health of other organs, by bringing to a minimum the effects UV rays have on them. They also contain antioxidants that help with the reduction of macular degeneration, the condition that ultimately leads to the loss of the vision.

  • They promote a healthy digestion.

The key ingredient for this process to take place are the fibers. They are the ones that keep constipation away. If the amount of fibers is regular, then the activity of the bowel will be regular and the impurities from the gut are going to be flushed off on a daily basis. They also play a great role in the process of multiplication of bacteria in the gut, thus strengthening the body’s immune system.

  • They are improving the power of the brain.

Raspberries contain a type of substances named flavonoids that are known for improving the memory and the whole function of the brain, as well. They improve the blood circulation, meaning that the brain gets more oxygen and they also have the ability of slowing down any decay of cognitive processes.

  • They are good for the heart.

The high blood pressure, any potential heart attacks as well as any strokes, will be avoided by the intake of raspberries. The antioxidants they contain keep at bay any inflammation in this area, which is the most known cause of heart-related problems.

  • They prevent cancer.

According to the experts, some antioxidants such as ellagitannins are able to induce the process of apoptosis, also known as the death of the cancer cells. Pancreatic, ovarian or prostate cancer are only a few types of cancers that can be beaten off.

  • Glowing skin

Vitamin C is the key factor as it diminishes the effects of the UV radiations on the skin and enhances the appearance of the wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

  • They can help you get rid of the extra pounds.

Raspberries do not contain any fats or any cholesterol. Moreover, 100 grams of these fruits will contain only 53 calories. The rheosmin in the raspberries accelerates the metabolism, thus leading to the loss of those extra pounds.

All these benefits can be taken in at once only by including these fruits into your everyday diet. Combine them with yogurt, oatmeal or smoothies and enjoy a wide range of healthy breakfasts.

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