Healthy Breakfast for a Happy Day

We all know that breakfast is the more important meal in a day because it gives us energy and a great mood, it makes us connect with our family or other dear ones and it gives us the proteins, nutrients and vitamins that our body needs in order to function well. But what should you eat when you feel a little stressed or low? We will tell you some secrets in order to make your breakfast a great meal that can help you release stress and keep you happy.

healthy and happy breakfast

Healthy alternatives for breakfast that will restore your good mood

We have all been there. We all had heavy mornings, with no energy or full of stress. But how can we get rid of this state? It’s simpler than you think! If you will introduce these foods into your regular breakfast, you will start feeling better and you will have energy for the whole day.

  • Dark chocolate is the best remedy for stress. Yes, you heard well. It is both delicious and healthy. You can put it in your bowl of cereals in the morning and enjoy a great taste that will release the stress in your body.
  • If you’re feeling a little depressed, the foods rich in omega 3 are the answer. You can feel better if you decide to make a sandwich with salmon and eggs, it will give you the necessary omega 3 amount in order to feel better.
  • Spinach is the best cure if you have problems with concentration. The folic acid in this green leafy vegetable will give you energy and a better concentration. Instead of coffee, make yourself a spinach salad with sour cream or yoghurt and some pasta. You will see the results immediately.
  • No bad mood in the morning. How? Milk and cereals. Yes, this combination will make you feel better because it will restore the necessary of vitamin D in your body. You can also use juice instead of milk. The results will be amazing and you will feel much better.
  • What would you say if with just one bite, you will have more energy to face the day? You will need proteins and carbohydrates in order to boost your energy and to feel better. Cut 2 apples in quarters and they will be a delicious treat with some peanut butter on them.

Now, you have some delicious treats that will make your mornings better and will also boost your energy. Surprise your dear ones with some of these foods if you know that they don’t feel better and you will be happy to see a change in their mood.

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