Health Benefits of Almonds

The health benefits of almonds are extensive. These almonds are not nuts, contrary to what other might think. They are closer to peach pits. They are a source of vitamin E, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, iron, niacin and magnesium. They can be both sweet and bitter. The sweet almonds are edible, while bitter ones are used to make the almond oil, we all love so much.  Almonds should be eaten raw, but some like to add crushed almonds  to garnish salads and other dishes.


Health Benefits of Almonds

Good for your brain

Almonds are a source of nutrients which help in the development of the brain. The reason they are great food for the brain is that they contain two vital brain substances called riboflavin and L-carnitine. These help to increase brain activity and protects the nervous system.

Bone and teeth health

 Almonds are a great source vitamins and minerals and phosphorous is part of them! Phosphorous helps strengthen the  bones and teeth.

Great for the heart

The protein, potassioun and monosaturated fats found in these pits play a big role in the heart’s health. Vitamin E prevents heart disorders, while magnesium prevents strokes. Folic-acid can also be found in almonds which will prevent plaque buildups in the arteries.

 Skin care

The benefits of these pits regarding the  skin health are well known. Almond oil massages are recommended for babies as well as almond milk which is added to soaps, because of almonds well-established reputation of improving the complexion of skin.

Regulates the blood pressure

The potassium found in almonds helps to regulate blood pressure. Almonds are also low in sodium and this helps to control any fluctuating blood pressure. The rest of the nutrients also keep the body balanced and this helps to prevent any other deficiencies. The vitamins and minerals are essential for a healthy way of life and if certain elements are ignored, the whole body can be affected.

Boosts energy

The presence of copper and riboflavin found in these pits help in energy production. If you need a good dose of energy for the day, grab a handful of almonds and you’re good to go.

Good for pregnancy

Due to their high content in  folic acid, future mommies won’t have to worry about birth defects in their newborn baby. The folic acid also helps with a good tissue formation and the proper tube development.

Weight loss

The issues that most women struggle with. Unsweetened almond milk can be used in loss weight diets.  The monosaturated fats found in this milk are very satisfying and will contribute to the sensation of being full.  They are also good for bowel movements which contributes to loosing weight and of course eliminating the toxins in your body.

Prevents constipation

Since almonds are rich in fiber, they  prevent constipation. Just be sure to drink enough water when eating these pits. This will help speed up the digestion process.

There lots of advantages to having almonds to snack on, but if know you have a kidney or gallbladder disorder, avoid eating almonds. They do contain oxalats and this might lead to crystallization and to a host of different tissues.

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