Foods as Remedy for High Blood Pressure

According to researchers, the eating habits are the number one reason for the high blood pressure. Studies have shown that people who live on rural areas from China, Brazil and Africa are not faced with high blood pressure, not even at younger ages.



 Top 7 food for high blood pressure 

High blood pressure is a major health issue responsible for 7.1 million deaths every year in the entire world. The good news is that there are foods that help us maintain the high blood pressure under control and to keep us safe from diseases.

1 Fish

From all the foods, fish is without a doubt the healthiest, and not just for those who experience heart issues. The fish meat is lighter and rich in proteins and a lot more leaner in fats that pork , beef or chicken. The omega 3 acids along with other nutrients help protect the blood vessels, reduce inflammations , prevent high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

2 Garlic

Hypertensive people or those with high blood pressure can keep these conditions under control by using garlic as a remedy. This must be eaten raw in order to have an effect on the blood pressure. The crushed garlic releases a substance called alcidine, which has these hypertensive properties. This substance is destroyed through the cooking process.

3 Flax seed oil

The same as fish, these seeds are full of Omega 3 acids, acids that prevent the formation of plates at the blood vessels level. These flax seeds combined with honey can be an easy alternative for the oil, which can be ingested every morning as a medicine.

4 Celery juice

Celery is a very fragranced medicine. Celery juice is a remedy tested by the Chinese practitioners for high blood pressure. You can achieve the juice with the help of a blender. Drink 2-3 glasses/day for month to prevent any increase in your blood pressure and for establishing the blood pressure at a normal level.

In addition, celery is well known for its capacity to prevent gout and other chalkstone conditions. Studies have shown that this stalk if filled with anti-inflammatory agents, just as strong as some synthetic anti-inflammatory medicines.

5 Olive oil

LA piece-de-resistance in the Mediterranean diet is the olive oil. It has tons of beneficial effects against the lipids in the blood vessels and the high blood pressure. According to a recent study, the consumption of olive oil helps reduce the high blood pressure both systolic and diastolic. Our advice? Use more olive oil when you prepare salads to benefit from nature’s gifts.

 6. Apple vinegar

The vinegar alkalizes the organism and lowers the blood pressure. Don’t hesitate to add this in your health eating routine. As soon as you get up, shrink 1 glass of water in which you’ve added a teaspoon of apple vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. The honey helps to set the intestinal transit  , am important issues for hypertensive people, because constipation can worsen the high blood pressure state.

 7. Cucumbers

They are a natural diuretic because it helps maintain the body will hydrated and reduces the pressure form the arteries. 2 fresh cucumbers a day for 2 weeks can be a great treatment for hypertensive people.

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