Foods Recommended for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Poor nutrition is a common problem for people suffering from various forms of cancer, especially for those going through chemotherapy. A nutritive diet is utterly important and can aid in improving the treatment’s result. According to the National Cancer Institute, patients undergoing chemotherapy seem to present difficulty in attaining the desired diagnosis because of weight loss. Thus, weight loss detrimentally postpones the treatment’s positive outcome.


In this view, it is recommendable that cancer patients concentrate on maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet. This is why foods rich in calories and healthy proteins are essential as they help reinvigorate the affected cells and tissues. Additionally, these nutrients are also beneficial in supporting the right functioning of the vital organs. Consequently, the normal calorie and nutrient intake should be significantly increased for cancer patients.

Providing your body with essential vitamins and minerals is also utterly important. All these factors contribute to raising the chances of recovery, improving your immunity while facilitating the restoration of damaged cells. Keep on reading to find out what a cancer patient should include in his/her diet.

  • Whole grains

The addition of whole grains into the diet aids at offering the body its necessary amount of energy, while preventing weight loss. Every person should consider replacing processed grains with whole grains, especially persons undergoing chemotherapy. Besides providing our bodies with energy, whole grains contribute to facilitating proper digestion, while combating the side effects chemotherapy encompasses – diarrhea and constipation.

  • Platelet-Boosting Foods

Platelets – also known as thrombocytes – are colorless blood compounds that contribute to the clotting of the blood. Their number is utterly diminished as a result of chemotherapy; this is why including platelet-boosting foods is recommendable for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. In this view, the regular consumption of fruits containing high levels of vitamin C including oranges, lemons, kiwis, papaya, berries, cantaloupes and guavas is advisable. Additionally, vegetables such as spinach, kale and pumpkin are also believed to increase the number of thrombocytes.

  • Foods rich in protein

Protein intake is necessary and important for preventing weight loss. However, cancer patients should avoid opting for red meat, as it may present detrimental effects. In this regard, the consumption of eggs, turkey, fish, nuts, seeds, and soy is recommended, as these foods are excellent sources of healthy protein.

  • Lots of fluids

Dehydration is also one of the chemotherapy’s main side effects. Thus, proper hydration and drinking lots of fluids is something cancer patients shouldn’t overlook. Consider drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day. Also, natural 100% fruit juices and teas are also recommended.

  • Foods containing healthy fats

While it is important for cancer patients to avoid losing weight, that doesn’t mean that they should gain weight. In this regard, consuming foods rich in healthy fats including avocado, nuts, olive oil, tuna or sardines are great sources of healthy fats that prevent weight loss, while not making obesity a problem.

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