Foods and Drinks That Contain Fluoride

Fluoride is an essential mineral for the development of the bone structure. Also, it has the power to fight against tooth deterioration, cavities and to stop the development of osteoporosis.

sources of fluoride

The good news is that we can take the necessary fluoride intake from processed food or fluoridated water. But too much fluoride in our system can cause damage such as cancer.

Women need to have 3 milligrams of fluoride in their organism and man need to have 4 milligrams in a day. We’ve made a list of foods and drinks that are rich in this mineral.

  • Beans

Kidney, black or garbanzo beans can improve the strength of your bones and teeth due to their content in fluoride. Moreover, beans are rich in protein, so they have benefits for your skin, hair, muscles.

  • Products that contain tomatoes

Besides giving flavor to food, ketchup and tomato sauces are also great sources of fluoride. The lycopene found in these products can prevent the appearance of cancer. Additionally, ketchup and tomato sauces contain vitamin C, a necessary vitamin that makes your immunity stronger.

  • Canned juice

If you’re thirsty, you can drink a glass of canned juice to get your daily intake of fluoride. When farmers cultivate fruits, they use pesticides. These substances have a big amount of fluoride. Also, canned juices are made with fluorinated water.

  • Black tea

Another beverage that you can consume to get your daily intake of fluoride is black tea. Fluoride is found on the leaves that are used to prepare black tea. So, on a rainy day, choose this drink to warm yourself.

  • Pickled cucumbers

You can find fluoride in pickled cucumbers. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamins K, A, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium. So, next time you make a salad, slice some pickled cucumbers.

  • Potatoes

One greater source of fluoride is found in potatoes because they grow underground. It’s recommended to consume the skin of potatoes because there you can find a big quantity of this mineral. Not to mention that potatoes are rich in vitamin C, B6, magnesium, iron, potassium and dietary fiber. Plus, there are so many ways in which you can cook potatoes. You can have French fries, baked potatoes, potato salad, oven fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes, etc.

  • Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables like cabbage, kale or spinach have a great amount of fluoride because they absorb it while they’re growing on the ground. Moreover, these vegetables have other properties. For example, they contain dietary fiber that can stop the appearance of bowel cancer or constipation.

  • Wine

Next time you go out, order a glass of wine. Besides containing fluoride, wine also is rich in antioxidants that are good for the heart. But don’t consume too much! It is indicated that a man should drink 2 glasses of wine in a day, while women should drink one glass per day.

It’s difficult to have a fluoride deficiency because you can find this mineral in a lot of products: from black tea to vegetables.

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