Foods That Can Prevent Cancer

Food has an essential role for our bodies. We use food in order to feed ourselves, but this is not the only benefit of it. There are foods that work as a natural remedy and can prevent different illnesses and viruses. We’ve made a list of foods that can prevent the development of cancer.


  • Turmeric

This spice has antioxidant properties because it’s high in curcumin. Also, turmeric exists in capsule form, so you can buy them anytime and take them orally.

  • Vitamin D

As everybody knows, exposure to the sun provides a great amount of vitamin D. This vitamin can fight against depression, breast cancer, and increase immunity. But what can we do in the wintertime to get our daily intake of vitamin D? We can eat foods rich in this vitamin, such as green vegetables, cheese or milk.

  • Tomatoes

Another food that contains antioxidants, particularly lycopene, is the tomato. This fruit can reduce the risk of cancer, prostate cancer in particular.

  • Strawberries

If it’s summer and you’re going to the grocery store, don’t forget to buy strawberries because they contain ellagic acid and vitamin C.  These fruits can decrease the development of the tumor.

  • Sea vegetables

What it’s great about sea vegetables is the fact that they increase the production of T-cells, thus preventing the appearance of diseases. Sea vegetables like kelp, kombu, hijiki, arame or nori contain iron, beta carotene, calcium and vitamin B.

  • Spinach

If you include this vegetable in your meals, you can prevent ovarian, endometrial and lung cancer. Moreover, spinach is packed with zeaxanthin and lutein which eliminate free radicals and toxins from our organism. Also, spinach is essential for the development of muscles.

  • Green tea

This beverage contains catechins and polyphenols which prevent cancer cells from growing. Besides, drinking a cup of green tea can reduce the cancerous tumors and detoxify the liver.

  • Grapes

Make sure you write down grapes on your grocery list because they are rich in resveratrol which can lower cholesterol, eliminate free radicals and decrease inflammation. Besides grapes, cranberries and blueberries also have the same property.

  • Garlic

Garlic, as well as chives, onions, and shallots, have anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, garlic and the mentioned foods can stop the development of cancer cells and have the power to repair DNA.

  • Pomegranate

Pomegranate has in its composition antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can help in preventing prostate cancer.

  • Beans

Beans are miraculous ingredients because they contain saponins, protease inhibitors, phytic acid, fiber and essential phytochemicals which can assist in decreasing the growing of tumors and reduce the cancer cell production.

  • Carrots

Carrots contain beta-carotene which can protect the cell membranes from toxins.

  • Black seed oil

The results of many studies have revealed that black seed oil can destroy 80% of cancer cells in people who suffer from pancreatic cancer.

  • Cruciferous vegetables

Eating kale, bok choy, cabbage or broccoli can detoxify your body, thus destroying precancerous cells.

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