Fight Sun Damage Naturally, without Any Dangerous Sunscreen

Finding a safe sunscreen is a real challenge nowadays. This happens because most of the lotions contain a wide array of harmful compounds, some of them even cancer-causing. However, sun damage should not be simply ignored, because it can lead to numerous health conditions, like skin cancer. But how can you deal with sun damage in a way that does not affect your health? By fighting it naturally. Thanks to some foods filled with excellent nutrients, you can get the protection you need without using any sunscreen. Moreover, you can also prepare a homemade sunscreen, entirely natural.

natural sunscreen

First and foremost, you should provide your body the necessary nutrients for fighting sun damage, such as antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. All these lower the risk of melanoma and promote a healthy, glowing skin. Let’s see what are some of the best foods when it comes to fighting sun damage naturally.

  • Apple

The saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” proves to be true in the case of sun damage, too. Besides its contribution to a shiny skin due to dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, apples help your body to fight sun damage naturally. Scientific studies revealed that some polyphenols contained by apples, called procyanidins, can inhibit skin cancer. A Japanese research observed how procyanidins act in mice with skin cancer, and the results were extraordinary, as the disease was inhibited.

Furthermore, quercetin, another polyphenol, is known for protecting the human DNA from skin cancer cells.

  • Green Tea

The polyphenols contained in green tea can also prevent skin cancer, and even inhibit its development. Being a powerful antioxidant, green tea helps you fight sun damage at a cellular level.

  • Broccoli

The benefits of broccoli are amazing and surprising in the case of sun damage. A study published by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine observed how this veggie protects human skin. Several volunteers were exposed to intense ultraviolet light after applying broccoli extract on their skin. The redness and inflammation of the areas protected by the broccoli solution were 37 percent lower compared to the unprotected areas. Mice studies also confirmed that skin tumors are fewer and smaller in the case of mice that were first treated with broccoli extract.

Moreover, research revealed that broccoli is a cancer-fighting agent that works for days, not only for several hours. Including this vegetable in your diet will definitely help you to protect your skin against sun damage, especially if you plan to get tanned.

  • Tomatoes and Olive Oil

Another excellent way to protect your skin is to eat tomatoes and olive oil. Separately, these foods have great health proprieties, but when eaten together, their attributes are boosted. The participants in a German study had to consume daily tomato paste (¼ cup) mixed with olive oil (2 teaspoons). After ten weeks, they were exposed to sunlamps. Compared to those participants who didn’t consume tomato paste with olive oil, they experienced 35 percent less redness. Tomatoes are filled with lycopene and other antioxidants that prevent sunburn and help your body fight sun damage, and olive oil improves their benefits.

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