Eggs – Beneficial for Eyes, Bones and Skin

Scrambled, poached or boiled eggs make a great breakfast because of the high amounts of amino acids and proteins they contain. Eggs are extremely healthy and important for your diet, mainly because they have complete proteins and they are also rich in choline, vitamins E, D, B12 and A, selenium and folate. They are also high in cholesterol, but you should know that this doesn’t significantly increase your “bad” cholesterol level. If consumed in moderation, eggs can be a great addition to your diet and health.

Eggs – Beneficial for Eyes, Bones and Skin

Promotes Eye Health

Eggs contain zeaxanthin and lutein, two carotenoids that are extremely powerful and can help you prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. These substances also come with antioxidant properties that eliminate the free radicals from your eyes and strengthen your retinas. The antioxidants also have the power to protect the eyes against the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. The lutein from the eggs is immediately absorbed by the eggs.

Improving the Mood

Eggs contain vitamin B12 that reduces the stress and improves the mood. At the same time, they contain folate and vitamin B6 that are necessary for the emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, the egg yolks contain lecithin, a compound that stabilizes the mood. To an extended level, eggs have been proved to treat depression and numerous studies have found that scrambled eggs are a comfort food.

Prevent Cancer

One particular study has demonstrated that the antioxidants found in the eggs can prevent cardiovascular disease and at the same time they can reduce the chances of developing cancer. Egg yolks are rich in tyrosine and tryptophan, two amino acids that act as antioxidants. However, you must keep in mind that these properties are reduced when boiling or frying eggs. Another study has shown that breast cancer can be reduced by 24% thanks to the consumption of eggs.

Bone Health

Eggs contain a miraculous mixture of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus that strengthens both the teeth and the bones. The calcium maintains the health of the bones and the vitamin D supports the calcium absorption in the gut. Eggs can also promote the bone growth and the vitamin D prevents the aging of the bones. Moreover, the phosphorus helps you maintain proper bone density.

Cures Acne

There are numerous face masks that contain egg whites. These products have the ability to shrink the pores, tighten the skin and absorb your skin’s excessive oil. Egg white will treat acne and they will make the acne scars disappear. You can make a face mask only from egg whites and apply it on your skin. Cover it with tissue paper and after 20 minutes you can remove the paper. This is a great peel-off mask that will clean your skin thoroughly.

Healthy Nails and Hair

Nails and hair contain proteins and since the eggs are rich in these compounds, they are perfect for the health and beauty of your nails and hair. For example, you can use egg hair masks so that your hair can grow faster. Mix a raw egg with olive oil (1 tablespoon) and apply the mixture on your hair. Leave it on for almost 30 minutes, and then wash your hair. It will become healthier, silkier and softer. Use the mask up to 3 times monthly.

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