Eat One Banana a Day- Natural Remedy for Heart and Blood Vessels Health

Bananas are really important for the persons who suffer from cardiovascular diseases because they have vasodilatation effects and an excellent equilibrium between potassium and sodium. Only one banana can provide 467 mg of potassium and one mg of sodium.

consume one banana per day

Potassium is an essential mineral because it can control the blood pressure and the cardiac rhythm. Studies have shown that  potassium reduces the risk of hypertension by 46%.

Studies on Potassium and Sodium

In a Japanese study, potassium intake was inversely associated with the mortality caused by coronary heart diseases and  total heart diseases. These benefits were noticed more in women than in men. On the other hand, sodium intake was associated with the mortality caused by vascular accidents, transient ischemic attacks and total heart diseases.

Bananas act like vasodilators, having relaxing effects on the arteries and veins. They improve blood circulation and the function of organs by oxygenating them better.

The studies that were made in vivo showed that bananas prevent cholesterol crystallization, the appearance of atherosclerosis and the cardiac attacks associated with this illness but also heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents.

Bananas and Magnesium

Bananas contain another essential mineral for the heart health: magnesium. Also, this mineral has tonic effects on the bones. Moreover, this fruit has a large quantity of fiber that helps the cardiovascular system by eliminating excessive cholesterol in arteries and blood vessels.

A pilot study showed that the consumption of one banana a day has benefits for the people who have high cholesterol levels and it doesn’t affect those who suffer from diabetes. Contrary to that, after the consumption of a banana, the lipids and postprandial glucose levels were reduced significantly.

Also, bananas contain resistant starch, a substance that is not digested, but it goes directly into the colon, where it feeds the good gut bacteria. Bananas are good for the persons who have metabolic syndrome because they increase satiety and reduce the sugar level in blood after a meal, reduce insulin resistance and promote the colon’s health.

Obese persons who suffer from diabetes received 24 g of banana’s starch for a month and they lost 1 kilogram and the insulin sensitivity was increased.

Green Banans vs. Yellow Bananas

Which are healthier: green bananas or the yellow ones? Both, but they have different properties. For instance, green bananas provide a big amount of resistant starch while yellow bananas transform this starch into sugar. Moreover, a yellow banana has nutrients such as fiber, phosphorus, vitamins, potassium and magnesium which are good for preventing cancer. On the other hand, eating a green banana can make you feel satiated because of its content in starch. Both of them have healthy benefits and it depends on your taste which ones you want to consume.

Definitely, you should introduce bananas into your daily meals. They have a great potassium intake that is good for the cardiovascular system. You will improve your health if you eat one banana a day. Plus, they’re delicious.

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