Why You Should Eat More Fermented Foods

The beneficial aspects of eating fermented foods are not known by everybody and some people tend to avoid them because they are not familiar with what the fermenting process involves. Some are deterred because of the strong smell or taste of these foods.


Either you buy them from the supermarket or try to make them yourself, you will come to the conclusion that they contain a lot of substances that are good for the organism and that can help you stay healthier and in the budget!

These are a few beneficial aspects of fermented foods!

They help your body absorb nutrients

Some fermented foods are great sources of important nutrients like vitamin K or B that can prevent heart diseases or arterial plaque.

Even though you can try to make sure that your meals contain enough nutrients, their absorption may be affected because of poor digestion. Fermented food offers your digestive system a boost by easing the access of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your body.

The fermentation process increases the level of nutrients of the product so that they can solely become a nutritious meal and they will raise the quantity of folic acid and riboflavin of the food.

They keep you away from infections and allergies

80% of our immune system is based in our gut. Thus, probiotics have an important role in protecting the digestive system and producing antibodies. Foods like yogurt, kefir or kombucha, will help preserve the immunity of the body.

They are good for your teeth

Containing a lot of good bacteria, fermented foods fight the development of cavities or gum diseases in addition to destroying the bacteria that are constantly present in your mouth.

They help you detox

The body is always taking in toxins or heavy metals that are part of the food we ingest, and that can take a toll on our well-being. The beneficial bacteria found in these foods have the ability to detox your organism due to being great chelators.

They are a natural form of probiotics

Instead of taking pills, eating fermented foods will be beneficial and cheaper for your budget. They can contain up to 100% more probiotics than a supplement.

If you diversify the type of fermented foods you ingest, the good bacteria will differ and provide you with a variety of beneficial bacteria that are not encountered in a typical supplement.

They can easily be home-made

If you’re just getting started, some pickled vegetables or sauerkraut should be easy enough to make with the help of an online recipe. The main ingredients are vinegar, sugar, and water. In time and with practice, you can learn to add spices to your own liking or mix different types of vegetables, to offer the dish a certain color or taste.

Whether you choose to make them at home or buy them from a supermarket, fermented foods are extremely rich in nutrients, come in a variety of forms and are a great plus both to your budget and your immune system.

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