Drinks and Foods that Speed Up the Aging Process and Should Be Avoided

The aging process is irreversible and unstoppable. Fortunate for you, there are a few things you can accomplish in order to prevent looking even older than your age. These matters include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Decreasing stress
  • Usage of anti-age cosmetics
  • Reducing sun exposure

foods and drinks to make you look older

Here is a top of beverages and foods that boost the aging process and make you look older:

  • Alcohol – it is commonly known that due to its diuretic capacity, alcohol dehydrates your body, leading to prominent wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, alcohol intake can lead to craving issues, making you consume unhealthy food, such as snacks rich in fats, salt and sugar.
  • Sugar – your old and dull look can be caused by increased sugar intake, which also leads to an accelerated aging process.
  • Salt – although salt is not bad, over-stepping the allowed input (1.500 mg/a day) can speed up the aging process and make your skin look puffy and wrinkled.
  • Soda – high in acidity, soda can lead to dental problems, but also aging, since it contains a lot of sodium and sugar.
  • Red meat – have you ever heard of free radicals? These are unstable molecules that harm the healthy cells and age you.
  • Refined carbohydrates – white flour pastries trigger inflammation, causing the breakdown of skin collagen. Furthermore, it leaves you looking dull and older.
  • Coffee – there are two ways in which coffee affects your age. It dehydrates you skin, leaving it wrinkled, and it makes your teeth look yellow-ish, ruining your smile.
  • Processed meat – Hotdogs, bacon and all types of fast-food lead to inflammation, which, as stated above, accelerates the aging process.
  • Spicy foods – rosacea patients should stay away from spicy foods, since the incapacity of digesting these foods leads to blood vessels dilatation and worsening of the skin condition.
  • Bad fats – saturated and trans fats can cause inflammation, which leads to a very unhappy and old looking skin.
  • White wine – although it might fit into the alcohol category, white wine is special because it causes dental problems, due to its high acidity.
  • Charred meat – you know that black crust on your barbecued meat that everyone enjoys once in a while? Scrap it. It causes inflammation, which breaks down skin collagen, making you look older and dull.
  • Lemon juice – while rich in vitamins, natural lemon juice can cause dental issues, including decay and stains.

Although it does not necessarily mean you have to give up all your pleasures, such as enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning while scanning the newspaper, or a glass of white wine in the evening and even a spicy barbecue, you do need to stay clear of large quantities of these foods. As a result, your skin will maintain an astounding glow and be wrinkle free.

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