The Disease-Preventing Blackberry Diet

With a discrete, sweet and sour aroma, blackberries (scientifically known as Rubus Fructicosus) are a collection of vitamins and minerals in a form that is easily assimilated. Considered to be “Nature’s aspirin,” blackberries are packed with an arsenal of natural medicine, starting from the relatives of salicylic acid and going to polyphenols with strong antitumor and antiviral effects.

blackberry diet benefits

A Package of Vitamins and Minerals

Blackberries contain no less than seven vitamins, the predominant one being vitamin B complex. Even when it comes to Vitamin C concentration, blackberries are among the best on the list. Within this reddish-black fruit, you can find significant amounts of Vitamin E, iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

To benefit from the healing properties of this fruit to the max, it is recommended that you consume the smaller fruits, of a darker color, found at the market (not the ones in supermarkets). Organic blackberries are the ones that would give a 100% dose of health.

Benefits of Blackberry Diet

To use blackberries as a disease-preventing medicine, it is recommended that you consume about 150 grams of fruit every day for 12 days, on an empty stomach. If it’s used as a cure, you take the same time frame, only bumping up the quantity by 300 grams. In both cases, for best effects, you shouldn’t consume anything else for at least 15 minutes.

Here is how blackberries are going to help you.

  • Strengthening the immune system

Blackberries are excellent stimulants of the immune system. The right dosage of this fruit can offer you the necessary quantity of vitamin C, which is ideal for sickly children, prone to infections. At the same time, the anthocyanin pigments help in stimulating the immune cell production, activating the already existing ones.

  • Regulating cholesterol and glucose levels

Although blackberries contain a rather high amount of sugar, once consumed in 150-200g dosages, they can stabilize your glucose levels and stimulate your pancreas. As a result, they will regulate your cholesterol levels as well.

  • Help against allergic reactions

If you are one of those unhappy persons that get an allergic reaction to pretty much anything, blackberries are the answer for you. They are a great source of quercetin, which gives them an antihistaminic and immunomodulatory effect, diminishing the allergic reaction. Consumed in dosages of 300-400g, they bring enough vitamin C to the table to reduce the intensity of an allergy.

  • Treating constipation

Being rich in fiber, blackberries can push out the residue from your bowel while the natural fats and sugars help regulate bowel movement. 100 grams of blackberries combined with some liquid honey and a few tablespoons of yogurt can definitely do the trick. Just take it 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner every day for 10 days, and you’ll notice the difference.

Be careful not to consume more than 100g of blackberries a day if you are pregnant. Also, if you suffer from irritable colon syndrome, you should start with small dosages and only increase them with time.

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