Consume These Foods to Prevent Breast Cysts

Almost every woman comes to face a breast lump once in her lifetime. The idea of having a breast lump that could trigger the most unpleasant conditions of them all seems to shake from their roots even the strongest of the women.

foods for breast cysts

We made out a list with some of the healthiest foods you should integrate into your diet. They can help you prevent these lumps from appearing. So, they should never miss from your kitchen or your fridge! Here they are:

  • Cruciferous vegetables – The high amount of sulfur they contain will neutralize the toxins from the body, thus impeding their accumulation in your system and keeping the lumps at bay.
  • Foods with high amounts of vitamin A – The studies have shown that the more vitamin A you have in your body, the higher the chances to eliminate the appearance of these lumps. Eat as many sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, red bell peppers and dark leafy greens as you can.
  • Foods with high amounts of vitamin E – not only that it provides protection to your skin, but it also suppresses inflammation. Eat seeds, nuts, squash and pumpkin to get your vitamin E levels high.
  • Foods low in sodium – Having a diet rich in sodium stimulates the accumulation of water, an action that can put you at risk if you already have the breast lumps. You should be consuming less than 1,500 mg of salt per day and include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are low in this mineral.
  • Foods high in fibers – The doctors say that the high level of estrogen is to blame for the appearance of lumps. Women who have 3 or less than 3 bowel movements per week are even more exposed to this condition. So, you can deduce that having a diet rich in fibers will keep the levels of estrogen in place. Eat as many peas, artichokes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, berries, pears, oatmeal and brown rice as you can.
  • Foods low in saturated fats – An excessive consumption of saturated fats is bad for the body, as they can promote the development of breast lumps by stimulating the production of estrogen. Eat a limited amount of red meat and focus more on chicken and on turkey breast or on fish that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The fruits and veggies you eat should also have a low level of saturated fats.
  • Water and juice – Coffee, beer, wine or Cola should be avoided at all costs. They will stimulate the appearance of these lumps and the symptoms which are accompanying them. Drink water to stay as hydrated as possible and to remove the toxins from your body in a natural manner. If you drink juices, try to make them yourself at home, using the freshest fruits and vegetables you can find on the market!

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