Avoid Headaches by Staying Away from These Foods

Every day we experience headaches that can easily become migraines. How can we keep them away? Have you ever thought that the food you eat is a major headache trigger? We assure you that this is true and we will tell you what food to avoid in order to stay away from headaches.

foodds that trigger headaches

Main causes for migraines

Migraines are commonly encountered in everyday life. Nobody can affirm that he or she doesn’t know how it feels to have a headache because we all had it at some point. But how can they be caused? From the changes in our brains that trigger the pain to foods that make you sensible to headaches is just one step. If migraines appear often, the problem may be your sensibility to perfumes, light and even foods.

What food to avoid

If you want to treat your migraines naturally, try to avoid these foods and see if the migraines appear again.

  • The tyramine in cheese can be an important factor which triggers your headaches. What is tyramine? It is a component in our foods that help them dissolve the protein once they get in our digestive system. Because cheese is mostly made from fermentation, the tyramine in it can become dangerous if we are too sensitive.
  • Tannins, other substance that can lead to headaches, are found in common drinks and foods, like wine, tea and apples. Tannins are very powerful and can give you headaches right after consuming them.
  • We all know that we can’t help it when it comes to chocolate. But if we were to tell you that your cravings for chocolate can trigger migraines, would you eliminate it from your diet? Many people can have migraines because the need to eat chocolate is too high and this causes too much stress and frustration.
  • Alcohol helps your body increase the blood circulation, especially in your brain. When you suffer from migraines, you would do anything to get rid of the pain and we recommend you to avoid beer, champagne or red wine.
  • Caffeine can cause headaches also, even if many people need it to keep them awake. Try to minimize the amount of coffee that you drink daily and your headaches will disappear.
  • The additives and sulfates from common foods and beverages like apricots, plums and wine can also cause migraines. Try to avoid them and your pain will go away.
  • If migraines appear often, you may want to minimize the ratio of fruits and vegetables that you eat daily and see if the problem disappears. The same thing can happen with fresh bread or pastry products.
  • If you eat cold food, the pain will be easily triggered and you will feel it in the frontal part of your head. Try to avoid eating cold food and the pain won’t come again.

In order to stay away from headaches, just try to avoid these foods that can trigger the pain. You will feel better and you won’t feel the need to take pills to calm your pain.

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