Apples and Tomatoes for Strong Muscles

The loss of muscles or atrophy, as it is also called, is a condition that can appear suddenly and which can be triggered by a biological compound that has been recently discovered. However, there are also 2 great foods that can prevent the emerging of this condition. This means that the people who are predisposed to atrophy, such as the elderly, can keep it at bay by simply eating 2 delicious foods on a daily basis: apples and tomatoes.

apples and tomatoes for strong muscles

As we start aging, our bodies start to deteriorate. By the time we hit 30 the muscles stop growing and afterwards, with every decade that passes we lose 3-5% of the muscle mass. When we reach 75, the atrophy becomes more accentuated with every year that passes by.

How can apples and green tomatoes help?

A daily consumption of these 2 foods can have a great impact on our health in the long run. The ursolic acid located in the peel of the apple, along with the tomatine from the green tomatoes have an inhibiting effect on the ATF4, the gene that is responsible for the aging of the muscles.

According to a study that has been performed, after only 2 months of adding these 2 components to their diets, the subjects presented a significant increase in their muscle mass and the strength of their muscles. In more concrete terms, the mass of the muscles increased by 10%, while their strength was increased by 30%.

What these 2 components do is to, basically, act and kill the gene that is in charge of the muscles aging process. These results have been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and it is believed that they have the power to lead to finding new ways of therapy and new treatments in what concerns this terrible condition that seems to affect the senior citizens.

It is always better to prevent than to treat, as an old saying goes. In this case, the prevention measures are really simple: you only need to eat an apple a day and a tomato, preferably green, to ensure that you will not be affected by atrophy by the time you reach the golden age. This will keep the mass of the muscles intact.

Caution measures

You might be surprised, but there are some caution measures you should take, in this case, as well. They are actually referring to the pesticides that are applied to apples and tomatoes. These fruits are sprayed so that they will look good and shiny for a longer period. Make sure that you will avoid these fruits and search for those that do not look that great. They are the healthy ones, truly. So, next time when you go to the market, take into consideration our piece of advice and choose organic foods which have been certified and which do not contain any traces of pesticides. They might be a bit more costly, but in the end, it’s your health at stake!

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