8 Common Breakfasts Which Are Harmful for Your Health

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that is not just a cliché expression, it’s utterly valid. A proper, nutritive breakfast is what empowers your body with everything it needs to work properly the entire day.

A bad breakfast choice can lead to slowing down your metabolism, thus making you gain weight. Additionally, without the proper mineral and vitamin intake, your immunity will be weakened; therefore, you’ll be more prone to suffering from a range of diseases. So yes, breakfast is important! Therefore, let’s get acquainted with a couple of most common breakfast choices which are harmful for your health, in order to steer clear of them in the future!

hamrful breakfasts

  • Pastries

Every pastry portion is utterly tempting and delicious, either if it’s a donut, a muffin or a tart. Pastries are caloric bombs, incorporating 250 to 500 calories. Yes. That many. And the bad part is that just an hour or two after having relished a chocolate muffin, you’ll feel hungry again. It is needless to say that pastries contain no mineral or vitamin intake for a change.

  • White bread

Perhaps the reason why you prefer white bread to whole-wheat bread is that it tastes better and goes with anything. Well, that might be true, but bad news about white bread is that it presents little to none nutritive value. Instead, if you consider opting for whole-wheat bread, it will keep you satiated for a longer period of time, as it embodies essential vitamins and nutrients that will keep you energetic throughout the day.

  • Bagel

Ok, we admit it; bagels are delicious, especially if they’re fresh! It’s hard to resist them. Nonetheless, the truth is they’re harmful even though they’re so tempting: they present very little nutritional value. Instead of having the traditional bagel, opt for a whole-wheat bagel which is a healthier alternative, embodying fewer calories!

  • Sugary cereals

Sugary cereals are filled with harmful chemicals and high levels of sugar. Having such an unhealthy breakfast will make you crave for more sweets during the rest of the day, which will eventually lead to a surplus of unwanted pounds.

  • Flavored yogurt

Having yogurt for breakfast is a healthy choice. Nonetheless, by choosing a flavored one, you’re actually eliminating all the beneficial functions yogurt normally embodies as it also contains a wide range of detrimental chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Therefore, next time, replace the flavored yogurt with a plain one, which is loaded with calcium and healthy probiotics. Improve its taste by adding a couple of dried fruit and some seeds! And there you have it – an equally tasty and healthy breakfast!

  • Powdered juice

Powdered juices are filled with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. You should steer clear of having any; they are really harmful for your health. Nonetheless, if you feel like having a craving for sweet, you can opt for freshly-squeezed juice, which you can prepare in your own kitchen.

  • Pancakes with syrup

Having pancakes with syrup for breakfast will sadly make you feel completely lethargic and without energy. That happens because of the high content of sugar. However, if you wish to have pancakes with syrup for breakfast, you may switch to a healthier sweetener, for instance maple syrup, or some organic honey.

  • Processed meats

Whether it’s a hotdog, a sausage, or some bacon, having too many portions of processed meats, especially for breakfast, might lead to a number of health problems including heart disease. So, do try reducing the amount of processed meats you include in your diet. Some of them contain a lot of chemicals and artificial aromas.

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