6 Harmful Drinks to Avoid

You may have heard numerous doctors recommending you to drink more liquids so as to maintain your organism healthy. Still, not every liquid or beverage is healthy and some of them must be avoided at all costs. For example, some people think that the bottled tea or the lemonades are healthy drinks that will help them lose weight. The truth is that they are packed with added sugar and they have low nutritional value, making them quite harmful. There is no danger in drinking water or herbal teas with no sugar, but you should know that some beverages must be excluded from your diet.

6 Harmful Drinks to Avoid

1. Protein Drinks

The protein drinks were created especially to boost the energy levels. Still, these beverages are high in calories and unhealthy proteins. Also, since these drinks are packed with proteins, they might exceed the daily needs and make you extra energetic, causing sleeping disorders. A high amount of proteins is only recommended for those who practice resistance and endurance training.

2. Bottled Tea

If you want to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, then you should stay away from this beverage. The market is filled with bottled teas that have the same amount of sugar as sodas. At the same time, when the tea is stored for a prolonged period of time, the healthy polyphenols in the tea will disappear and its nutritional values will be equal to zero. It is far more affordable and healthier to prepare your own tea.

3. Lemonade

This drink is incredibly refreshing, especially in the hot summer days. Still, you should avoid drinking large quantities of lemonade because it extremely rich in sweeteners. Some types of lemonade even contain high-fructose corn syrup. They are also high in calories. The healthy alternative is to prepare homemade lemonade with honey.

4. Energy Drinks

Most people consume energy drinks because they believe that this will help them be more energetic throughout the day. Unfortunately, these beverages are packed with sugar and caffeine and they are nothing better than Coke or any other harmful soda. At the same time, they only stimulate the energy for a short period of time and they come with numerous side effects. Not many people know that the energy drinks trigger the so-called caffeine intoxication that leads to irregular or increased heartbeat, a jittery feeling and difficulties in sleeping. So, avoid them at all costs.

5. Coffee Drinks

There is nothing wrong in drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, so as to have a better start of the day. Still, the blended coffee drinks such as the frappuccinos and the others of its kind are filled with calories. They contain syrup, whipped cream and whole milk that will transform them into dangerous desserts, not a morning coffee. If you do like blended coffee drinks, order them without syrup and whipped cream and with skim milk.

6. Diet Drinks

Other harmful beverages are the diet drinks. They are rich in acesulfame potassium, sucralose and aspartame that are non-nutritive, chemical and artificial sweeteners. They will eventually lead to weight gain and altered appetite control.

Other beverages that you should avoid are soda, flavor splashes and drops, sports drinks and fruit juices.

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