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Treat Dry Skin, Wrinkles and Spots with Potatoes

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Potatoes are a great food source, but they also play an essential role in skin care. They are rich in vitamin C, which is essential in maintaining the health of the skin. The potato face mask nourishes the skin, calms […]

Potato Juice and Skin Care – Recipes

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Most people wouldn’t associate potatoes with beauty, but various studies have proven that these two are strongly connected. For example, it seems that the potato juice is used in a wide array of beauty recipes to lighten the skin tone […]

Sweet Potato Juice – A Major Source of Nutrients

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The sweet potato is part of the Convolvulaceae family and it is starchy and sweet. At the same time, it is rich in nutrients and the best part is that it’s extremely affordable. Sweet potatoes contain manganese, iron, folate and […]

Potato Nutrition Facts

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The phytochemicals in potatoes include flavanoids and a kukoamine that helps lower blood pressure.These tubers are a great addition to any diet. Potatoes come from Peru, where they have been cultivated by the Inca Indians.The potato was taken to the U.S. […]

Potato for Heartburn, Pain and Discomfort

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Many people suffer from such heartburn and the discomfort that it can cause highly reduce your joy of life, vitality and work performance. The problem is usually treated by drugs that lower pH, but do not cure the problem. Check […]