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Comfrey and Calendula for Minor Grazes and Cuts

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Minor grazes and cuts are extremely common. They result in pain and bleeding and most of the times are accidental. These kind of skin problems usually heal on their own and can be treated at home. You must first apply […]

Boric Acid and Calendula for Conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis, popularly known as pink eye, is a condition that causes discomfort and irritation and has symptoms such as burning sensation in the eyes, redness, tearing, inflammation and itching. This annoying problem can be triggered by allergies, a virus or […]

Calendula Tea Health Benefits

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Calendula or marigold is an orange flower that originates from the northern Mediterranean regions. This plant is used as a spice, to flavor and color foods like soups, cereals and rice, but it can also be utilized as tea. Calendula […]