Find Out More about Alternative Medicine and Its Uses

If you are interested in finding out more about alternative medicine you must understand this as a practice that puts forwards healing effects of medicine without being actually based on evidence that is scientifically proved. It uses various health care practices, therapies that are not taught in medical schools or are not part of traditional medicine.

It is interesting to note here that many of these practices have been used for thousands of years and transmitted from one generation to another throughout ages in the attempt to heal and treat conditions when there was no knowledge of any type of conventional medicine.


There are however nowadays cases when these practices are used in conjunction with traditional practices to approach a treatment from various perspectives. A few examples of this non-conventional medicine are: naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic.

* Chiropractic is that part of alternative medicine where various parts of the body are manipulated into treating several conditions. The person trained in this field is known as a chiropractor, but again this practice needs an in-depth knowledge of the human body, its mechanism of functioning at various levels mainly at the level of spinal joints.

This is very important, because a practitioner of this treatment has to physically manipulate the spine for remediating several ailments related to the spine. It is worth mentioning that chiropractic is not an invasive type of treatment, meaning that the patient is not surgically treated but only having adjusted and manipulated the joints in a physical way to have a positive impact on the overall state of being of the patient.

* Homeopathy is the practice based on the belief ‘like cures like’ along with the idea known as the ‘law of minimum dose’. This means that through this type of alternative medicine a condition can be cured using a low dose of substance that generates identical symptoms in a person that is healthy. At this point, the homeopath will administer a substance that is very much diluted and of the same composition with the substance creating the condition.

Aside from these practices that usually act as remedies for the physical body, there are as well those treatments related also to alternative medicine that deals with the human mind.

It has been a common belief for some time, that human mind is the most powerful ‘organ’ of a body system and when this one is correctly manipulated, it can act as an improvement agent into the overall physical state of a person. Some of these practices include meditation and praying where the mind focuses into the healing process. Also modern medicine is used in conjunction with these methods.

One other interesting thing to note here is that many people find these treatments very effective and when you see that any of them almost brings miracles to a sick boy, one can only wonder whether or not human mind is the real factor that plays its role into this healing. The thing is that alternative medicine is not given too much attention to in medical publications simply because not many studies are conducted into scientifically prove the effectiveness of this type of medicine and its practices.

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