Acupuncture Helps with Chronic Pain and Radiation

You may have heard of acupuncture as an alternative treatment for various diseases and ailments. Basically, acupuncture is the main remedy for chronic pain and the health practitioners often recommend it for chronic ailments and arthritis. Acupuncture involves the stimulation of various acupoints located on the body with the use of thin needles, laser, pressure or heat. It has been traditionally used in the Chinese medicine, but thanks to its beneficial results, it has slowly reached all the continents. So, if you want to try this alternative treatment, you should be very careful to visit a professional and experienced practitioner so as to avoid the malpractice cases. Acupuncture is helpful in the following situations:

Acupuncture Helps with Chronic Pain and Radiation

Combats Indigestions

Various studies have proven that the acupuncture therapy is effective in alleviating indigestion and heartburn. The studies were carried on pregnant women. Half of them were treated with medications and dietary changes, while the other half was offered medications and acupuncture therapies. In the first group, 44% of the participants received a relief from heartburn, while in the second group, the percentage of the women who saw the same effects was 75.

Offers Relief from Pain

As mentioned in the first paragraph, acupuncture is beneficial in easing the chronic back pain, this being one of the main reasons for choosing this type of treatment. The stimulated acupuncture it extremely appreciated in this case. This kind of acupuncture therapy does not involve the use of needles and only works with pressure applied on specific acupoints. One study has even revealed that the people who have used this treatment have noticed better results than those using standard chiropractic care and medications.

Treats Headaches

Acupuncture is efficient in treating the persistent and annoying headaches. 22 researches have studied the use of acupuncture for curing tension headaches and migraines and they discovered that when used regularly, this therapy prevents these conditions. At the same time, this alternative treatment is also useful in treating an already existing headache.

Fights against Radiation

The cancer patients have to follow radiation treatment to keep their disease under control. The only problem is that chemotherapy can come with a wide array of side effects that can affect your entire body. Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture can counteract those side effects and can offer relief for dry mouth and nausea for the patients who suffer from cancer in areas like the neck of the head. The people who undergo an acupuncture therapy while under radiation can reduce the side effects of chemo and their severity. This alternative treatment can also improve the quality of life of the individual after finishing the radiation treatment.

Makes the Pharmaceuticals more Effective

A Chinese study has shown that acupuncture therapy combined with Prozac or fluoxetine (in low doses) can reduce the depression and anxiety. Adding acupuncture and cutting the full dose of the drug will also diminish the side effects of the medication, including weight gain and nausea. More studies need to be conducted for other medicines, but for now, the patients who suffer from depression can efficiently use this treatment.

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  1. How effective is acupuncture ?A good friend of mine is suffering from a trapped nerve at present,and the painkillers he has been prescribed are not doing the trick ….WHAT DOES THE PANEL THINK ?

  2. Dani Temeyosa via Facebook

    Like all alternative/natural healing, it takes time for your body to repair you are not going to have instant gratification as if you were taking a pain pill (that only masks the pain, the pain is still there) but acupuncture is very effective and a great way to heal your body!

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