A Few Suggestions on Using Homeopathic Remedies on Your Own

If you want to know what the best way is to use homeopathic remedies on your own, it is about time to find out more about this type of alternative medicine known as homeopathy and then learn how to approach it.

Definition: homeopathy is a type of complementary medicine based on the concept that a substance causing symptoms of a disease in a healthy person will cure identical symptoms in a sick person.


Homeopathic remedies: are prepared by diluting repeatedly a specific substance in distilled water or alcohol and afterwards being forcefully shook against a hard elastic object. This second process is known as succussion and it is believed that each dilution followed by succussion will have increased remedy potency.

It is important to know that homeopaths are well prepared into selecting the right remedies. They are always ready to consult reference books (repertoires) in order to check with the symptoms experienced by a vast number of patients and their particular features – both physical and psychological – to find the best way into treating a condition. This is to say that a disease cannot be completely treated so long as the constitution and the character of a patient are not properly understood.

Therefore if you want to get involved in homeopathic remedies on your own, you need to have a better understanding of your own ailment and any other factor that interferes with your body and mind, such as additional medication or the sort. In case you will not be able to discern all these on your own, it is essential that you consult with a homeopath before taking any further steps.

One other thing that you need to do is to write a list of the symptoms that you experience in each and every detail these ones manifest. The more accurate you are on these ones the better will be for you. At the same time, look for a reliable remedy list covering a wider range of illnesses. It is important that you check with secondary manifestations such as adjacent states of mind, moods, everything that has anticipated the condition and so on.

Draw a diagram of the symptoms that are less felt but which are as well relevant in the future. Include the causes and conditions that can worsen or better the symptoms. All these can be captured by you through a thorough observation of your body and your lifestyle, after all it is your own existence that you will monitor here and you know exactly what you feel and experience with the condition and the adjacent physical and mental states. These data will help you compare the symptoms to the homeopathic remedies and match them as much as possible.

These days you can find many drugstore selling homeopathic remedies and if you prefer going this way you should be as accurate as possible in choosing the remedy. If you prefer preparing it on your own, you must find the right ingredients for the remedy.

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